Research Unit

The Center through the Research Unit shall register researchers who have interests in MSME activities. The center will further collaborate with other like-minded institutions in carrying MSME specific research in Kenya and East Africa.

Currently RCED is seeking a research partner to conduct an in-depth Study on the MSME sector in Kenya. This study is to focus on the following research areas:

Classification of Kenya’s MSMEs

  • To analyze the industry value chains, cluster and sectors of MSMEs in Kenya and derive their categorizations in terms of sectors, players and characteristics. This categorization may include but is not limited to Agro- business; ICT; Manufacturing; Trade services etc.
  • To investigate and identify which sectors experience the most growth and create the most jobs
  • To assess the level of risks involved in lending to the identified sectors of MSMEs
  • To investigate and identify the Critical Success Factors for business growth in sectors and among individual enterprise champions of a given sector
  • To provide a virtual platform of data, information and knowledge on MSMEs of Kenya and East Africa

Green business and Kenya’s MSMEs

  • How can MSMEs contribute to green growth
  • How can we define environmentally sustainable MSMEs
  • What can MSMEs do in practical terms to become environmentally sustainable
  • How can adapting green growth strategy be profitable to MSMEs. Can MSMEs make money and grow by positioning themselves as green businesses

MSMEs Knowledge bank
A systematic overview of sources of financing for MSMEs in Kenya: how they work, what documentation do they need, what criteria of loan assessment do they employ, what background information do entrepreneurs need before approaching financing institutions.