MSME Business Mentorship Program

Course Description
Inoorero University (IU) with support from the Royal Danish Embassy in Nairobi and in collaboration with Industry partners has developed a system of training and qualifying business entors/advisors that will provide support to the many firms operating in both the formal and informal economy in Kenya in order to contribute to more sustainable enterprise development. The role of the trained business mentors is to generate advice and provide technical support on growth opportunities and possibilities of financial and other support services on a regular basis to entrepreneurs – and especially young entrepreneurs.

Course structure
The course shall be offered once per month i.e. 4 consecutive days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) per month, for a period of 5 months. The 4 days are further distributed into 2 days of Business Dimension learning and another 2 days of Personal Leadership and Mentoring skill development. The courses are Module based. (Accumulation of various training areas delivered on agreed time frame). The participants conclude by undertaking a final project work as the sixth module. The 6 modules are as follows

  1. Understanding the Mentee/Entrepreneur’s business idea, value proposition and choice of market and key assumptions
  2. Understanding the Mentee/Entrepreneur business systems with an aid of a coaching framework
  3. Competition analysis, gap identification and closing strategies in the realm of emotional intelligence
  4. Creating and financing Mentee business growth
  5. Taking advantage of Business Environment & Leading Mentee Business and Entrepreneur growth
  6. Final Project Work based on the Mentee/Entrepreneur Enterprise

Course Requirement
Participants are expected to identify an Entrepreneur (Mentee), they wish to mentor along during the training period. The Mentee selected should have been in business for at least 2 years; is engaged in a growth oriented business; experiencing sizeable turnovers and has some form of financial data relating to his/her business. No participants will be registered without proof of an existing mentee.

Course Qualification
After successful presentation and defence of the Project Report, participant will be awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSMEs) Business Mentoring. Abbreviated as PGC-MSME BUSINESS MENTORING.

Course Assessment
There are no formal-sit-in exams!! The participants are rather required to hand in a Project Report on Mentee’s Business Development Process (Final Project work), at the end of 5 months course. Ideally this final project is a build up of 4 assignments given at the end of every module.

Target market
This course is targeted to all practising and aspiring business consultants wanting to create a niche in the MSMEs sector; Individual Entrepreneurs with multiple enterprises and in need of mentoring their managers; Loan/credit officers wishing to have an in-depth and unique understanding of MSMEs; Financial Institution Relationship officers/managers working with MSMEs. Non-Governmental-Organization practitioners working on Income Generating Activities, Livelihood and Entrepreneurship AND Individuals wishing to pursue Business Mentoring as a professional career.

Training Calendar

Training Venue
No classical classroom set up!! Workshop based training, with PowerPoint presentations, plenary and breakout sessions. We will provide tea/coffee, snacks and lunch.

Training Cost
Thanks to the Royal Danish Embassy, the fees for this training is highly subsidized from an initial amount of Kenya shilling 300,000 to a participant contribution of only Kenya shillings 100,000 payable in two instalments of Kenya shilling 50,000 each.

Training Duration
6 Months (4 days a month!!)

International faculty from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark co-teaching with Local Industry experts.Our lead trainers include Prof. Poul Schultz, a renowned scholar and Practitioner on Business System Analysis; Mr Twalib Ebrahim an internationally accomplished consultant and facilitator on leadership, teambuilding, and organization development.

For further information please contact the undersigned.

Daniel Huba
Program Director- MSME Mentorship
Regional Centre for Enterprise Development (RCED)
Inoorero University
Inoorero Centre, Forest road, Parklands

Tel +254 20 3514500 ext 264 – Fax + 254 20 3750260; Mobile number: 0718 079 816


Jacqueline Nthambi
Program Administrator- MSME Mentorship
Regional Center for Enterprise Development (RCED)
Mobile: 0724 349102

The trained certified business mentors will be connected to industry for a 12 month actual mentoring and business networking opportunities in close collaboration with industry players such as;

  • International Labour Organization- Youth Entreprenuership Facility (ILO -YEF);
  • Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA);
  • Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE);
  • African Youth Trust (AYT)
  • Kenya Association of Women Business Owners
  • among other donors and Business Membership Organizations (BMOs)